12G-SDI kaapeli 50m vyyhdillä

Tuotekoodi: 12G-SDI-050-V

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Canare L-5.5CUHD 75 ohm Ultra Low Loss Coaxial Cables. Best suited to 12G-SDI transmission.12G-SDI kaapeli Neutrik Read Twist UHD liittimillä
Key Features and Benefits

Specially designed for 12G-SDI
The max. transmission distance of 4K UHD over L-5.5CUHD single link able to reach 100 m or longer*
* Depending on receiving equipment.
As handy as conventional coaxial cables
Copper foil and high-density tinned copper braided shielding.
Highly-foamed multi-layer PE insulation
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  • Tuotekoodi: 12G-SDI-050-V
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