Chrosziel StudioRig Cine complete

Chrosziel StudioRig Cine complete

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StudioRig Cine - double-sided connection for handwheel, follow focus control incl. handwheel 201-03, scale 201-04 and focus lever 201-18. Optional 2nd handwheel (201-02)

For smooth and precise focus moves due to our fluid damping module and gear units and bearings with the lowest tolerances: It allows play and jerkfree focus moves even for permanent direction changes. We abstain from using switchable gear boxes for the sake of play-free preciseness. Instead, we use two gear boxes for the different focus markings of film and video lenses. Film lenses, prime lens and “Cine style” video lenses typically display an adjustable range of 200º from close-up to infinity. The Studio Rig Cine translates the rotation on the hand wheel in a way to lens focus ring that approx. one turn covers the range. The focus of the video lenses rotate only approx. 100º to 145º between close-up and infinity. For similar operation and preciseness, the Studio Rig Video's gear unit extends the resulting angle of rotation of the video lenses. Further adjustments are made by the use different gear diameters. All gear drives can be easily mounted without tools. The three modules of the lens manufacturers are available.
The Studio Rig basic unit comes with hand wheel 1 with fluid damper, scale ring and focus lever and clamping unit for the 15 mm video standard (see p. 26, with adaptor for 19mm rods). Please select the gear drive according to your lens. The QuickFit Versions. They slip onto the rods from below – no need to dismantle other accessories. Fixed by the turn of an excenter, the focus gear swings onto the lens – ready! They come with an intermediate for the 19mm rod adaptor. The hand wheel with VariLock 2 Module, allows easy setting of two mechanical stops and free wheel. The VariLock 2 wheel can be attached instead of first or the second hand wheel.

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