Hedén YMER kit without motor
Hedén YMER kit without motor
Hedén YMER kit without motor

Hedén YMER kit without motor

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Specifications (YMER-1 Transmitter):
Length (ex antenna): 152mm / 6” (incl. antenna): 185mm / 7.3”
Height (ex control knob): 37mm / 1.45” (incl. control knob): 80mm / 3.15”
Width: 76mm / 3”
Wireless transmission up to 500 meters (1640 feet) line of sight via industry-leading wireless control allowing for the fastest response of any long-range follow focus system on the market.
  Power source: Sony NP-FM500H compatible battery (not included)

Specifications (YMER 1+1 Reciever):
Drives up to two Hedén motors
One channel wireless and one channel wired through LANC
Length (ex antenna): 100mm / 4”
Height: 26mm / 1”
Width: 54mm / 2”
Weight: Approx. 180 gr / 6.4 oz
Works with Hedén motors M21VE-L, M26VE, VM35, LM30 and CM55
Range (Indoors): Approx. 15 – 100 meters (50-330 feet) depending on building materials, interference and other obstacles (Line of sight): 500 meters (1650 feet)
Power source: 14.4V PTAP

Specifications (Cables):
  Power cable:

Std. 2 pin male connector to PTAP male at the other side
60 cm (23.6”) long.

The system contains the following:
1 x YMER-1 transmitter
1 x YMER 1+1 receiver
1 x White scale ring
1 x Power cable
1 x Hedén neck strap
Sony NP-FM500H compatible battery and charger not included in package

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