Sachtler System 25 C III
Sachtler System 25 C III
Sachtler System 25 C III

Sachtler System 25 C III

Tuotekoodi: SA-2570

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Sachtler System Video 25 Plus aluminium with Fluid Head, C III Pedestal & Multi Disc
Wherever your projects take you, the Sachtler Video 25 Plus FB is a lightweight, durable and reliable addition to your gear. The seven-step clamping system gives you confidence that your movements will be jerk and vibration free, while the 18-step counterbalance system enables users to shoot with confidence. The Video 25 Plus FB comes with a 4-hole flat base that allows it to be mounted on all 150 mm or flat base tripods.

Attaching your camera is as quick as a single click with Touch & Go quick release and automatic locking for speedy mounting and removal. Sachtler's frictionless leak proof fluid damping with seven levels of drag works in any environment, and always gives you smooth, seamless movement.

The Pedestal C III is the ideal partner for flexible use in the studio or outside filming with a load capacity of 55 kg: a large height range, silent dolly movement, fast assembly and disassembly and easy to carry.

Flat base mount; features one manually adjusted tripod stage & one 42 cm (16.5 in) lift air column; compatible fluid heads: DV 10, DV 12, Video 15; Video 18/20 S1/SB/Plus with adapter 3913; Video 25 Plus, Video 60/75 Plus with adapter 3914.

Range Video
Payload 8 to 35 kg
Bowl size Flat Base
Material Aluminium
Transport length 1 m
Height with spreader 0.91 to 1.76 m
Weight 22.60 kg
Temperature range -40 to 60 °C
Tilt range 90° to -75°
Sliding range 110 mm
Interface Compatibility Sideload
Counterbalance 18 counterbalance steps
Drag 7 + 0 horizontal and vertical grades of drag
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  • Tuotekoodi: SA-2570
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